7-Day Get Back in Shape Plan

The most efficient workout plan for men over 40 from the experts at Men's Health

Do this explosive "iso" pushup to build a chest she’ll treasure!

Use "density training" to exhaust all your major muscle groups in a fraction of that time. That means more muscle quicker and easier than ever before.

Boost muscle power 10% by turning this on (see pg. 2 to learn the secret).

Kickstart your metabolism and improve conditioning with an extreme double-up drill (pg. 3). It torches beer calories like no other exercise! Are you game?

Make your squats count for more and build powerful legs.

The Little Book of Sex Secrets

97 personal and private techniques for male potency, stamina, strength, and sexual magnetism

Seven nights of hot sex. A weekly planner that'll fire up your sex life and make the neighbors complain about the noise.

Flirting for adults. Learn what women want to hear, according to a social psychology study.

Try these warm-her-up moves: the shower tease; the piano tickle; mountain climber; the side show; and more!

Improve your stamina in bed with .this easy method. Pg. 11

"S" is for...well, you'll just have to read pg. 11. It's white-hot!


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7-Day Nutrition Plan

A week-by-week menu plan for fat-burning meals (and diet tips) specifically designed to deliver crucial nutrients for the aging man

Drive tons of body-repair nutrients into your system with this delicious vegetable ragout recipe.

Flatten your belly with a spoon! Researchers report that 2 teaspoons of this condiment may help satisfy cravings, make you feel more satisfied, and help you eat less.

Cut 33 grams of sugar out of your life instantly and never miss the taste! Pg. 7

Make a dish like chili—its many spices and herbs are full of disease-fighting chemicals. Capsaicin, found in chili peppers, is even thought to boost your mood.

Improve your nutrition simply by shopping closer to home. Find out how on pg. 5.

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